Project Consultancy

Research and Development (R&D)

Our level 3 consultants are regularly used to provide support on new projects. With unlimited possibilities, collection of thermal data within many new ventures can be invaluable to aid progress and also for the verification process.

High end Thermal Imaging equipment is not a cheap investment and requires an element of training to ensure the best results. For the infrequent user or those looking to incorporate the technology only as and when needed, we provide the ideal solution combining the access to not only quality equipment but also the support from Level 3 qualified, highly experienced thermographers with many years of imaging experience.

For those looking to trial IRT within a project prior to embarking on acquisition of their own equipment or for regular ongoing support on an as needed basis, our thermal imaging equipment and professionals can help.

R&D Support

  • High Quality 640x480 Thermal Resolution (307,200 Measurements per image)
  • Full Radiometric Imaging (Still and Video Capture)
  • Full Data Analysis and Post Process Capability
  • Plot Real Time Data
  • Large Screen Output and Projection Wall Available
  • Equipment with Thermal Sensitivity of < 30mK (0.03˚C)
  • Frame by Frame review capability of video capture
  • Quantitative inspections between -40˚C – 2000˚C
Case Study

A recent projected we supported was for a company producing a prototype waste conversion plant where large thermal temperatures became central to the process. Containing this thermal energy proved a fundamental part of ensuring the equipment operated safely and efficiently without a risk of failure or worse injury to persons nearby. Our time with the company provided clear visualisation of heat loss sites within the plant and an ability to quantify the extent of the thermal loss. Our data was able to assist in the progression of the project and aid the engineering team identify issues, therefore allowing targeted efforts to focus on the project where efforts were needed most to improve the plant performance.

If you have similar projects or a need where you think we can help please contact us. We are able to supply industry leading equipment operated by expert thermographers who are able to ensure you get the most from the data collected.

Thermal Imaging for Marketing

Thermal imaging can be utilised for far more than just locating defects in M&E equipment or insulation & leak problems within buildings, in fact the possibilities are truly endless which is why the R&D fields are so popular. Another area where we help businesses using our thermal know how and technology is in marketing.

Do you have a product or material that offers specific thermal properties? Perhaps workwear or clothing for example designed to retain more body heat in cold environments or perhaps you have a pioneering product that saves energy through leading insulating properties such as highly insulating doors or windows. One thing that is for sure is that by incorporating thermal imaging in your marketing material, you can demonstrate the effectiveness of your product to the public using a method that has a truly impacting visual delivery of why your product is the one for them.

From still imagery for brochures, websites and print to full thermal video for commercials or film work, we here at TCL have the capability to assist. You will get the skills of a Level 3 Thermographer to also qualify the accuracy of the results delivered. What is more, we only use high quality camera systems with a minimum 640x480 thermal resolution and a sensitivity less than 30mK.