12 May 2016

The Thermal Imaging training provided by Stuart at TCL was informative and very useful. The officers of Wales and West Housing who undertook the training now feel confident that they can get the most out of the camera, it will help us to identify defects and issues within the fabric of our properties and will undoubtedly save the organisation money in the long run, money which can be used to make a difference in our communities.

Owen Jones at Wales and West Housing

08 Apr 2016

One of DVP Electrical's most prestigious clients from within the bakery industry, requested that we undertake a thermal imaging survey of the factory and their offices, as part of the electrical test and inspection we were already contracted to complete. Initially we were going to hire equipment and do this ourselves, until we discovered a local company, Thermographic Consultancy (TCL), who have offices very near ours, specialising in providing this service.
After making an initial inquiry, we promptly received a very reasonable quotation and it was clear that the company was very knowledgable in doing this type of inspection. As this was not something we had done before, we felt contracting TCL to complete the inspection and provide the final report was a better option. A Safe System of Work for the task arrived a week before the inspection, when reviewed by our client, the feedback was that it was "one of the best they had seen and should be framed". The job was completed on time during one day of inspection, we initially expected it to have taken an extra half day. The report was completed and delivered in the time frame advised to us at the start and presented with far greater structure and information than we could have produced ourselves, it was clear we made the right choice in contacting TCL.
Needless to say both DVP Electrical and our client will be using TCL in the future. Having seen the benefits of this inspection, we shall now be strongly recommending all our commercial customers include thermal imaging inspections with an electrical installation test and inspection, and also at regular intervals to monitor for defects.

Liam Brady - Managing Director, DVP Electrical

17 Mar 2016

Recycling Technologies brought Stuart from Thermographic Consultancy in to review the operational problem occurring with the hot sand generator in the pyrolysis process. Stuart was able to identify the progression of heat loss from the pressure vessel, and provide images for our reference, which were valuable for us to improve insulation and leak paths

Matt Green - Engineering Manager, Recycling Technologies Ltd

17 Mar 2016

The 3 day training course taught by TCL, at CERN, was tailored to our specific requirements, and included a good mix of theory, carrying out measurements and processing of infra-red (IR) photographs. The well-chosen practical aspects of the course ensured that the attendees understood the proper use of an IR camera and the post-processing of data. The course was very well organized and delivered and stimulated many interesting questions. As a result of this excellent experience I highly recommend TCL for thermography training.

Mike Barnes – CERN

17 Mar 2016

TCL have provided a high level of technical training to attendees who had very little previous knowledge. Stuart is an excellent trainer who conveys the subject matter in an interesting way which references real life situations. DCH hope to continue working with TCL to broaden our knowledge base in the future.

Rory Henderson – DCH Group


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