The TCL difference
  • TCL is a leading UK thermographic specialist offering a comprehensive ISO18434 compliant thermographic solution

  • Electrical/Mechanical Engineers also certified at Level 3 in thermography and with over 30 yrs thermal Imaging experience.

  • TCL provides comprehensive bespoke reporting, detailing both risk and recommended actions to prevent financial loss.

  • TCL provides an ongoing inspection schedule, where recommendations are made on an ongoing basis every three, six or twelve months depending on risk factoring

  • With flexible payment options TCL can help its customers spread the cost of inspections, training, cameras and accessory purchases over one, three or five years

  • TCL is trusted at the highest level and includes CERN (The European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Switzerland) among its customers as well as other nuclear clients.

Recycling Technologies brought Stuart from Thermographic Consultancy in to review the operational problem occurring with the hot sand generator in the pyrolysis process. Stuart was able to identify the progression of heat loss from the pressure vessel, and provide images for our reference, which were valuable for us to improve insulation and leak paths

Matt Green - Engineering Manager, Recycling Technologies Ltd

The 3 day training course taught by TCL, at CERN, was tailored to our specific requirements, and included a good mix of theory, carrying out measurements and processing of infra-red (IR) photographs. The well-chosen practical aspects of the course ensured that the attendees understood the proper use of an IR camera and the post-processing of data. The course was very well organized and delivered and stimulated many interesting questions. As a result of this excellent experience I highly recommend TCL for thermography training.

Mike Barnes – CERN