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Why choose Thermographic Consultancy?

We are now a trading name of Holtech Group Ltd, an industry-leading UK Engineering and Thermal Imaging consultancy based in Swindon, Wiltshire. With professionally trained, certified and experienced engineers our team are not just thermographers but also subject matter experts in both electrical and mechanical engineering including the testing and inspection of these systems.

Our use of infrared technology supports pro-active businesses in making the very most out of predictive maintenance and building surveying beyond that of the general trade examinations.

We actively diagnose the potential for future defects as well as those currently present, this is done through the detection of heat energy radiation, convection or conduction.

Our friendly team are always at hand to help in whatever way we can, we will always make your experience as easy as possible and provide competitive quotations with never a hidden fee.

Trained and experienced

We have Level 3 ITC and Level 2 BiNDT qualified consultants in house. All our issued reports are therefore in compliance with ISO 18436 standards, which importantly for you, means acceptance by both BREEAM and insurance companies who require inspections to support your business risk management. Ensure your next inspection is completed only by a real thermographer with years of proven industry experience, training and qualification at the highest level.